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A/V Work

► Cineworld

Cineworld Unlimited - A World of Unlimited Possibilities dir: Jamie Maule-ffinch; Producer Thomas Boden PSONA Films; Agency AgencyTWELVE

► Trust Ford Now 2018

Dir: Jamie Maul-ffinch for KnockKnock Productions

► Facing Evil

Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over 30 years after being attacked by one of the UK's most infamous serial killers, 'The Yorkshire Ripper,' artist Mo Lea uses her art to face her fear. Help support victims of violence through independent charity Victim Support. Text SUPPORT to 70300 to donate £3 and 70500 to donate £5. Credits Director / Producer - Roberto Duque Director of Photography - Alfredo De Juan Copywriter - Alex Manson-Smith Editor - Christopher Mills Composer - Dominic Sewell Colourist - Jack Kibbey Newman Runner / Assistant - Ben Mickshik Location - Plough Studios

► Film Composing Bites #4

A look at John Williams's harmony from The Flying Theme from E.T. It's all to do with suspended chords, static bass line and keeping the melody and harmony separated... File here

► Film Composing Bites #3 – a couple of Sibelius shortcuts

Setting up Keyboard Shortcuts - filtering voices and click and paste

► Film Composing Bites #2 – Melody part 2

Part 2 of Discussion on Melody in JW's Flying theme from E.T.

► Film Composing Bites #1 – Melody

First in a new series of vlogs about screen music composing

► Star Wars – Tales from Wild Space

Made in Avid Sibelius with NotePerformer (™) - a fan's musical take on Cavan Scott's new Star Wars comic series - Tales from Wild Space by IDW Publishing. Penciller: Jon Sommariva, Inker: Sean Parsons, Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff and Letterer: Tom B.Long. Many thanks to Ben Turk (Gloryhammer) for the video editing I was inspired to write some new John Williams-infused Star Wars music that fitted with the start of this new series of stories with Emil Graf and his companions, 'Crater' [CR-8R], 'Boo' [BB-00] and Noni. The music reworks maestro Williams's themes and musical language and introduces new musical themes for these characters , setting up the following story (Obi-Wan, Dex...). It's not very often that a new part of the galaxy crops up that Williams hasn't written for - so - this my attempt at it.

► Son of Sam – Flying Fist

String Playing on this second single release from Son of Sam's Cinder Hill album

► Son of Sam – Come A Long Way

Strings Arrangements for this single release from Tea Sea Records

► Clone Wars cue – scored

A scored sequence using NotePerformer and Sibelius from an unaired and unfinished Clone Wars sequence. Previously shown at SW Celebration Orlando 2017

► Tesco #BakeOn

Tesco Commercial #BakeOn Summer campaign to coincide with GBBO on BBC. Agency: BBH; Prod: Odelay Films; Dir: Richard Hunter

► Pancakes from around the world (Tesco)

Dir: Richard Hunter; Prod: Asylum Films; Agency: BBH

► Nestea – Make a game of it

Nestea commercial (Jan 2016) Directed by Will Kenning; Produced by James Kar Productions and Mandrake Media

► La Belle Noiseuse

Amy Turk performing La Belle Noiseuse for solo harp. Commissioned by Amy for her masters recital performance earlier in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Music.

► A Brief History of Confession

score for winner of the 2014 Latitude Festival micro-doc competition. Prod. Little Bear Pictures/ Dir. Dominic Rose

► WeAreFSTVL 2014 May

WeAreFSTVL spot - produced for Bare Films

► Deeper than Snow Trailer

The Official trailer from Gloves & Glass for Deeper than Snow - broadcast this Autumn on the Extreme Sports Channel (Sky/Virgin)

► W&H Auctioneers & Valuers

Internet promo campaign which details a potted history of the company in addition to their business.

► ENO in-house promo

Created in 2009 for ENO

► Greenfingers Charity: Rosy Cheeks Appeal 2013

A wonderful charity that helps build gardens and other outdoor areas for children's hospices

► A Fishy Tale

A cheeky commercial for the Fish Society

► Deeper than Snow

A webisode preview for Deeper than Snow - directed by Ismar Badzic

► The White Line: A Film about a Snowboarder

Short film directed by Ismar Badzic

► My Little Puppeteer

Short dramatic film (excerpt) about bullying and its consequences. Directed by Stephen Grantham

► Main Titles from Blowing Wedge

Excerpt from a short film thriller set in London in the early 1990s.

► Demo for Channel 4 Talent

This is an excerpt from a promo demo for Channel 4 Talent (2010)